Akiko Pavolka - vocalist, songwriter, musician, bandleader

Akiko Pavolka

Trust Aqua

Trust Aqua

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  • Akiko Pavolka - vocals / piano / composition
  • Matt Pavolka - upright and electric basses
  • Nate Radley - electric guitar
  • Matt Renzi - clarinet / tenor saxophone
  • Pete Rende - synthe / accordion
  • Bill Campbell - drums

Recording track list:

  1. Harbor Song 5:48 
  2. Summer Wedding 5:29 
  3. I Know Kung Fu 6:55 
  4. Sid Vicious 7:08 
  5. Trust Aqua 6:38 
  6. Step Out With Me 4:43 
  7. Iberia 6:49 
  8. New York Breakfast 6:42 
  9. Trampoline 6:20

Trust Aqua: release info

Tone Of A Pitch (TOAP), 2009

Akiko Pavolka is a New York-based vocalist, composer and bandleader whose strikingly original music blends pop and jazz with the music and sensibilities of her native Japan. Her new CD “Trust Aqua” is her fourth album as a leader and has been officially released from Tone Of A Pitch Records in Portugal in 2009.

On this album you can hear her compositions with lyrics in Japanese and English, complimented by a full six-piece ensemble that gives the music multiple images and tones to transport you to a place unlike any other. The artwork on the CD was also created by Akiko and is a part of the “Trust Aqua” experience.

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