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Akiko Pavolka

Summer 2011 updates

Aug. 11 Making a New Record.

I will be in the studio to make a new record in Brooklyn on August 11th and 12th with Loren Stillman, Nate Radley, Guillermo Klein, Matt Pavolka and Bill Campbell. It's going to be my 5th album and very much looking forward to it.
I will update more news about this when it's done!

Aug. 10 Birthday Live at Barbes.


I am excited to invite you all to this special gig on my B-Day.
We are going to play brand new music. Then next two days we will be in the studio to make new album. Featuring: Loren Stillman (Sax), Nate Radley (Guitar), Guillermo Klein (Keys), Matt Pavolka (Bass) and Bill Campbell (Drums). It's gonna be fun. Hope you join us!

Jun. 05 This Sunday June 5th! House of Illusion LIVE

We are playing at Barbes in Brooklyn this SUNDAY at 7pm. Featuring Nate Radely on guitar, Matt Pavolka on Bass, Bill Campbell on Drums and a very special guest Oscar Noriega on Woodwinds. Hope you can join us to check out some of my new music!

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