Akiko Pavolka - vocalist, songwriter, musician, bandleader

Akiko Pavolka

Portugal Guimaraes Jazz 2011

Nov. 18 Had a great time at Guimaraes Jazz and Lisbon gigs in PORTUGAL!!!

Just got back home from Portugal. Thank you so much for those who came out for the concerts in Portugal. It was such a wonderful trip and I am very happy to be reunited with old friends and made some music together there again. Also it was so nice to make new friends there this time! Many thanks for your hospitality and enthusiasm for the music. Hope to see you all again soon....

Nov. 13 Upcoming tour PORTUGAL GUIMARAES JAZZ 2011 ~ LISBON gigs etc.

My next destination is Portugal. On November 13th, I am going to perform at Guimaraes Jazz Festival with Nate Radley on guitar, Oscar Graca on Piano, Demian Cabaud on Bass and Jochen Rueckert on drums - we are as PROJECT TOAP which is a collective band of artists on the Lisbon based Jazz Label Tone of A Pitch Records. We are going to perform original pieces of each of us. After this event, Nate and I are heading to Lisbon and play some music with drummer Andre Sousa Machado at Arte & Manha on 14th and I have one more show at Cafe Tati with a guitarist Andre Santos on 16th. HOpe you can make one of these concerts!

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