Akiko Pavolka - vocalist, songwriter, musician, bandleader

Akiko Pavolka

Live at The Falcon with Guillermo Klein, "Rhythmic Illusions & Symmetrical Harmonies"

"Rhythmic Illusions & Symmetrical Harmonies" is an extraordinary workshop performance led by internationally recognized pianist and composer, Guillermo  Klein.


Featuring three special guest percussionists Brian Adler, Felipe Fournier and Fernando Garcia, with Akiko Pavolka, vocals and keyboards

And special contributor, artist Donna Mikkelsen performing live ambidextrous painting!


Guillermo Klein



Argentine pianist and composer, Guillermo Klein formed an inventive 17-piece big band, that played Sunday nights at Smalls NYC throughout 1995. Known for his highly original harmonic and stylistic concepts, He has garnered much respect from the jazz community. The Jazz Standard presented the Guillermo Klein Big Band as regular Monday night gig for several months. Klein has made several appearances with his band, Los Guachos, at the Village Vanguard, as well. Guillermo has performed and recorded with the ten-piece ensemble, Los Guachos, which featured Bill McHenry, Chris Cheek, Ben Monder, among others. Sunnyside picked up Los Guachos Vol. 2 for release in 1999 .




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