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16.Aug.14 | Sergei Afanasev

Hello AKIKO PAVOLKA ! I admire the work and I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, I'm your fan. Thank you for the inspiring work and giving hope for tomorrow! Who lives for others, giving himself. Your creativity is the most beautiful in the world, has the ability to improve, ennoble the human heart and soul? Thank you very much. And please send me your autograph.
Regards Sergey Afanasiev
my address:
Krasnoarmeiskaya 128-44 Kemerovo,Russia ,650000
Sergei Afanasev.

09.Oct.12 | Elliott Simon

Elliott SImon here from NYC Jazz Record. I am in the process of listening to Mahoroba for review in our November issue. I noticed in the liner ntoes that there is an English translation referenced on this website but I can't find it. Can you give me a link diretly to it?...or send me a file directly?.....thanx so much, Elliott

Elliott Simon
Staff Writer
NYC Jazz Record

20.Jun.12 | joshua

i just launched www.localflux.net -- the focus is to get nonconventional thinkers and doers in one location, and offer a platform to learn from one another, incubate/host think tanks, and provide the infrastructure to physically meet and collaborate on future projects. jazz can be an important constituent to creative endeavors/projects, and i dig your music, and think that if mashed-up with other creative people (jazz and non-jazz related), it can offer for some important conversation and collaboration

i developed and funded the project myself, from my apartment in brooklyn, over the course of the last two years. and would greatly like to showcase the your work within my project, perhaps via interview, think tank discussion, or some sort of cross-pollinating project. please let me know if you're interested, additionally, feel free to create a profile in the meantime, upload some content, and invite colleagues -- baby steps in the right direction. thanks in advance for any support you can provide to this project!

much respect,

brooklyn, ny

12.Dec.11 | Michael Vorel

Please keep me informed of your events. I enjoy your music.


07.Nov.11 | Lelia Russo

Hola Akiko!

Very nice to meet you, yesterday at Jazz Festival in Recoleta.
I was telling you I have two radio shows.
One is about Latin Jazz + World Music, and it is, on : jazzmatrix.com 24/7
The other one, "En clave argentina" is about argentinian music ( Tango+Jazz+Folklore).
It is aired each Saturday morning at 9:00 am Eastern Time USA, on Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico: wrtu.pr

Thanks a lot for your Cd, will be in contact.
Saludos for you and your husband,

Lelia Russo

19.Apr.11 | Samuel Small

My name is Samuel A. Small, Sr. Executive Producer of All That's Jazz. We are beginning preproduction of our show by lining up some of the best Jazz Artist that jazz has out now. We are also trying to also acquire sponsorship in order to pay the artist and personalities who appear on the show. In order to do this we must have a commitment from the artist to show the sponsors that the show will work. We are looking to begin production in August/September. We would love to have you on our show and would like to know if you would be interested in being on the show? Drop me a line to let us know. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Samuel Small

10.Nov.10 | Michael

I love the song Ms. Akikio! By the way this is your piano student Michael

16.Oct.10 | Jan Kola

A pleasant surprise to walk into 55Bar hearing your music! On a five days trip to NYC from Norway this was one of the definitive high points on our stay. I told you when I bought your record that your music reminded me of some of the stuff that Return to forever did in the 70s, but after listening to your record I find it to be quite original. And above all: Very beautiful! Thanks!

01.May.10 | Fernando Soares

Great website. I loved to hear the music and it was good to learn a lot´bout you. Congratulations.

12.Jan.10 | Sarita

Love the website, your pictures and specially your music!!!

27.May.09 | Chris DiGirolamo

Dear Akiko - My name is Chris DiGirolamo - I am the owner and operator of Two for the Show Media (see link below) - We are a full service publicity house that specializes in assisting musicians, record labels and venues on various level publicity efforts. We construct the campaigns according to budget and get results. We have recently conducted successful campaigns for such jazz notables as: Peter Erskine (Grammy Nominee for Best Jazz Instrumental Group), John Abercrombie, Cindy Blackman, Manu Katche, Eberhard Weber, Miroslav Vitous, Jeff Watts, David Binney, Wycliffe Gordon, Reuben Rogers, & Arturo O'Farrill (Grammy Winner for Best Latin Jazz Album) among others. If you need any assistance on new releases please do not hesitate to contact me.. I can be reached via E-mail, or at the number below. I look forward to speaking and do hope we get the chance to work together in the future. All the BestChris DiGirolamoTwo for the Show Mediawww.twofortheshowmedia.comChris DiGirolamo8 Maple Ave. Suite #1Eastchester, NY 10709Chris@TwofortheShowMedia.comOffice: 914-346-8677Cell: 718-669-0752

28.Apr.09 | Eric Duran

Hey Guys,

I work next door to the Royale, and last night while I worked late, I heard you guys through the walls and up into my space on the third floor. As I left to go home, I had to come down and buy see if there was a CD I could buy, and I was happy there was. The music is excellent! It is very moving and quite refreshing. Of course, I knew I would like it since it moved me emotionally and considerably as I heard it through several walls and floors before hearing it in the raw and then on CD. Please let me know about upcoming gigs and other CDs... you have a new, loyal fan!


19.Apr.09 | Yuko Kimura

Hello Akiko-san, do you remember me ? I am Yuko Kimura, music colleages of Suzuki-sensei and visited you in Boston in 1990... it is long long time ago and I accidentally found your website and so pleased to hear you are doing very well !! Actually I am also singing in New York periodically and performing at Smalls with my friends. I am working in pharmaceutical company and trying to singing ... Anyway, I have some chances to visit NY on business and vacation and hope to see you in near future... I will perform at Smalls on August 14th, Friday and visit NY from the first week of August and will stay t my friend's house in Brooklyn, near Grand army plaza station. Believes we will be able to meet up ! I really like your present voice, so clear and beautiful ... See you again soon !! Big hugs,

20.Nov.08 | Luigi Santosuosso

Could you kindly add me to your mailing list?

Best regards

16.Oct.08 | Hans Schmidt

I don't think I ever told you how much I like your new website.

Thanks for helping me land back in NYC. I'm back home.


07.May.08 | Nuno Silva

I just discover your music recentely, and it´s great. Keep making such good albuns.

12.Mar.08 | Sarita Serpa

Great new website! Hope to see you soon. Much love, S.

27.Feb.08 | Matsuko Pavchimpo


23.Feb.08 | Andre Fernandes

Love your new website! Did i ever tell you you´re my favorite songwriter? Well there you go. When can i bring your new band to sunny iberia? Kisses.

22.Feb.08 | Seunghee

Looks awesome, sounds awesome, Akiko. Congrats !!!

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