Akiko Pavolka - vocalist, songwriter, musician, bandleader

Akiko Pavolka



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  • Akiko Pavolka: vocals, keyboards, compositions
  • Peter Hess: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Pete Rende: piano, electric piano, pedal steel guitar, accordion, voice
  • Matt Pavolka: upright and electric basses, compositions
  • Blake Lindberg: drums, percussion

Recording track list:

  1. Destination
  2. Chickering
  3. Last Train
  4. Tadpole in a Jar
  5. The Garden of Forking Paths
  6. Mel’s Island
  7. Happy in the Dark
  8. King Nicotine
  9. Irish Song

Bridge: release info

NCM East, 2009

Bridge is Akiko Pavolka's second album on BlueMusicGroup.com, following her highly successful debut album "House of Illusion". Akiko's deep story-telling voice captivates the listener unlike any other artist in the New York jazz scene today. Backed up by some of New York's busiest professionals, Peter Hess, Pete Rende, Matt Pavolka and Blake Lindberg, the mesmerizing music of Akiko Pavolka is delivered with breathtaking expression and vision for future sounds. Her lyrics are personal stories, accompanied by imaginative keyboard sounds, which show the direction for creative music in the 21st century.

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