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Akiko Pavolka

Akiko Pavolka Residency at IBEAM Sep 25 ~ 27th





Hope you all had a great summer.

I am very excited to share this news that I am going to do 3 day long residency at I-beam Brooklyn in September 25th, 26th and 27th. My band HOUSE OF ILLUSION plus bunch of special guests for this event.
I will be performing some of the new arrangements with horns on my (new/old) original music.

Akiko Pavolka - voice, piano and compositions
Loren Stillman - alto saxophone
Nate Radley - guitar
Matt Pavolka - bass
Russ Meissner - drums


Oscar Noriega - clarinet, bass clarinet
Adam Kolker - tenor sax, bass clarinet, alto flute
Kirk Knuffke - cornet
Justin Mullens - trumpet
Brian Drye - trombone, euphonium
Curtis Hasslebring - trombone

I hope you can join us!!





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